There are a variety of activities to be held in this event. Those activities are a series of mutually supporting struts and enrich the technical knowledge (theoretical and practical), and the philosophy of tango Dance. The whole activities will enrich the participants to understand tango in depth. Our activities comprise tango classes, workshops with the teachers, milonga, spiritual activities (yoga, meditation), and sight-seeing. However, there are some worth places to visit recommended by our team. Finally, We are continually obliged to introduce this beautiful dance and entice more and more people to become tango lovers in the already thriving but still relatively small community in Indonesia.

Extra Activities

  • East Bali Sightseeing (Bamboo Forrest, Panglipuran Village, Taman Nusa Cultural Park, Tukad Unda, Hidden Canyon)
  • North Bali Sightseeing (Danau Bratan, Danau Tamblingan, Bedugul Botanical Garden, Git-Git Waterfall)
  • South Bali Sightseeing (GWK, Pandawa Beach, Sunset in Uluwatu Temple)
  • West Bali Sightseeing (Alas Kedaton, Sunset in Tanah Lot)
  • Ubud Sight Seeing (Monkey Forrest, Tegalalang, Tampak Siring Palace, Tegenungan Waterfall)

Workshops with the Teachers

In some workshops, the Maestros will provide a general study of the Tango. The lessons are divided into several stages, i.e. beginner, intermediate, advance and master, also in some categories such as Tango Pista and Stage (choreography) Tango. Everything is laid out in clear syllabuses.


Tango Classes / Private Lessons

In order for all the knowledge gained from the workshops to be firmly absorbed in the minds of the participants, the lessons in the workshops are followed by some Tango Classes. The Private Lessons provide more practical guidelines as to how to dance Tango in a better way. Here the participants will receive many important lessons from well-experienced maestros who will expose the secrets of Tango.



Milonga is an important part in this event. Every Milonga with their own unique themes are Warming up Milonga, Welcoming Milonga, Traditional Milonga, Gala Milonga, Championship Milonga, and Farewell Milonga. In addition to the different themes and nuances, every Milonga will be held in several different places so that each gives the impression of a wonderful variety for participants.



The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. We can think of the union occurring between the mind, body and spirit. What is commonly referred to as "yoga" can be more accurately described by the Sanskrit word asana, which refers to the practice of physical postures or poses. Asana is only one of the eight "limbs" of yoga, the majority of which are more concerned with mental and spiritual well-being than physical activity. In the West, however, the words asana and yoga are often used interchangeably.



An ordinary person may consider meditation as a worship or prayer. But it is not so. Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. "watching your breath" is meditation, listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation. Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. Meditation means 'a cessation of the thought process'. It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns. The observer (one who is doing meditation) realizes that all the activity of the mind is reduced to one. These days it is commonly understood to mean some form of spiritual practice where one sits down with eyes closed and empties the mind to attain inner peace, relaxation or even an experience of God. Some people use the term as "my gardening is my meditation" or for jogging or art or music, hence creating confusion or misunderstanding.


Kuta Sightseeing

“Escape the daily grinds of life, wake up to the song of nature and relish the calming sunset of Kuta beach, right outside your door”

Your home away from home, Hotel Kumala Pantai welcomes you to a very unique blend of traditional Balinese lifestyle, carefully landscaped gardens by the beach and a soothing ambiance.

Every one of our guests is special and we take utmost care in the provision of only the highest quality service and hospitality catered to each individual’s needs. Just 1 minute walk from gift shops, cafés, transportation, outdoor adventure sites and fashion boutiques, Hotel Kumala Pantai has the convenience of being in the heart of Bali’s most multicultural district while retaining a secluded and characteristic natural beauty.

We also organise events and activities from time to time such as Balinese dances, musical performances, barbeques, dinners and buffets, which we invite you all to partake in.



Some Tango Lovers believe Dancing Tango can be for competition while some say "No". Tango in Paradise try to make the event more exciting for some Tango Lovers and encourage them to be better Tango dancers and more confident in it. There will be in house competition on Sunday – 2nd December 2018. The Winner of Championship will be prize :

1st : TIP Trophy, $500 cash, Brutus worth of $1000 for Gentelman, Sopik Permana Tango Dress worth of $500 and Packages from Sponsors.

2nd : TIP Trophy, $300 cash and Packages from Sponsors.

3th : TIP Trophy, $200 cash and Packages from Sponsors.

• • •