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Luis Ramirez y Analia Carreno

World-class Argentine tango master, choreographers and dancers.

With 13 years dancing together, this multiple-styled couple has achieved identity and personality in their dance, exquisite and perfect blend of high technique, dynamism, musicality and authentic feeling of the intrinsic roots of Tango Argentino. After having worked at the most important tango houses and shows in Buenos Aires, such as "Señor Tango", "Esquina Carlos Gardel" and in tango Musicals as "Tanguera"and "Tango Emotion. They choreographed, produced and directed their own tango company "ConjuroTango" with a cast of 26 artists on scene, this great show has sucessfully performed at the Major Theatres and Operas in China.

 In 2017 they directed and choreoghraped "Tangostory show, A live documentary of Tango" worldwide premiered in Sao Paulo - Brazil for the closing show of the official preliminary of the world tango championship. Apart from that, they have created, directed and performed seven different thematic solo shows, as "Around the world", "The shadow of Malevo" and "All about tango" "Movies" "Stories about Love and Tango" "Conjure of Tango". As a Master in their lessons and workshops they teach how to dance and sharing the essence of traditional tango, using natural movements applied to the dance, thus they have achieved great results in students of all ages around of the world. In Buenos Aires, they perform regularly at the most traditional and popular Milongas; Salon Canning, La Baldosa, Yira Yira, Milonga de los Zucca, Maldita Milonga, Tango Club, Seguime si podes and Milonga de Palermo.

Gabriel Ponce y Analia Morales

Are professional dancers of tango and Argentine folklore.

After 15 years consolidated as a professional tango couple, Analia Morales and Gabriel Ponce have an excellent recognition in the world of Argentine tango. Their main teacher was Osvaldo Zotto, they have also trained with great milongueros like Carlos Pérez, Mingo Pugliese, Nito and Elba and Raúl Bravo. Their great commitment to the technique and refined dance made them achieve a high level and a great choreographic style. Their excellence in interpreting the dance is the result of an important preparation in the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina. They were part of this Ballet for 5 years and executing the main characters in almost all its productions. All these factors have led this couple to dance on the best stages of the world with various companies. Since 2003 and until 2017, they were one of the most characteristic couples of the famous International Company "Tangox2" by Miguel Ángel Zotto, with which they have toured the main cities of the world: New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Athens, Milan, London, Rotterdam, Hong Kong among others.

In 2010, they were choreographers, dancers and choreographic assistants for the Latin Grammy Award performed in Las Vegas. They were choreographic assistants of the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina and also dancers and assistant directors in "Señor Tango", the biggest and most important tango house in Argentina. They were the main couple in Madero Tango. In recent years we have seen them in, and they are still part of, the cast of the new Broadway show, "Arrabal", with live music by Gustavo Santaolalla's Bajofondo and the direction of the famous choreographer Sergio Trujillo. The international production debuted for the first time in Toronto, Canada. The critics were so good that the production stayed on stage for 4 months.

Facundo Pinero y Vanesa Villalba

Facundo Pinero, he worked in Casas de Tango as Madero Tango, Taconeando, Complejo Tango, Barracas Tango, Tango Red and Chiquin. He began to travel the world at 17 years, in different companies such as : Latin Dance, Tango Odyssey, Tango Emotion, Mora Godoy, Tanguera and Forever Tango.

Vanessa Vilalba, She worked in Casas de Tango as : La Ventana, Piazzolla Tango, Homero Manzi and Boca Tango. She was champion of tango Baradero 2002 and later also she was jury. She traveled the world for 4 years with the company Forever Tango and was assistant choreographer of it.

They have participated in the festival of Buenos Aires tango with their DESENCUENTRO. They are jury in World Tango championship in different countries. They also participate in numerous festivals as teachers and choreographers in different countries, such as Uk, Italy, Greece, Korea, USA and Japan, Turkey, Russia, China. They created the show El Cruce where participate more than 17 couples. They create a new style mixing tango stage and salon, creating a new techniques to improve tango.



Michael Nadtochi (EL Gato) y Paula Duarte (Paulita)


Paula and Michael met at a famous Milonga in Buenos Aires in December 2017. After dancing just a few tandas together, their undeniable chemistry on the dance floor was so remarkably unique that they were quickly noticed by others, spelling out the potential for a new professional alliance. By April 2018 the plan of an international, creative and dynamic partnership was born. They are currently developing their new work in preparation to their first tour starting June 2018. They will be soon performing and teaching in tango communities across the globe - UK, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Argentina and Italy.



Solo Tango Orquesta

Solo Tango Orquestra  is rapidly rising to the top of the world Tango Olympus. Team founded in the summer of 2010 and the incredibly short time gained international recognition. In October 2010, Solo Tango orquesta  won the international competition “Citta de Castelfidardo” in Italy, received the first prize in the category “Piazzollas Music”. Also, Solo Tango became the official orchestra of the major international tango festivals: Istanbul Tango Festival (Turkey), Ankara Tango Festival (Turkey), Adana Tango Festival (Turkey) “Milonguero Nights 2010-14″, ”Sabor del Tango” (Yalta), “Planetango“, “El Tangon 2011” (Turkye -Antalia), “Tango of Wight Night” (Russia, Sankt-Petersburg), “Argentinian Holidays” (Russia, Sankt-Petersburg), Tangomagia (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Brussels Tango Festival (Brussels, Belgium), Tango Embrace (Berlin, Germany), Pentecost Festival (Karlsruhe, Germany), Dresden Tango Fest 2013-2015 (Dresden, Germany), Roma Tango Meeting 2013, 2014 (Roma, Italy), Pisa Tango Festival (Pisa, Italy), Zucca Tango Festival (Milan, Italy), Siracusa Tango Festival (Siracusa, Italy), Tarbes Tango Festival (Tarbes, France), Tango Element (Baltimore, USA), Shanghai Tango Marathon (Shanghai, China), Misterio Tango Festival 2013, 2015 (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Tango orchestra, created by the efforts of magnificent Moscow musicians who are not one year of his life devoted to tango music. Sound of the orchestra differs perfect sense of style, powerful energy and high quality of performance. Repertoire includes a complex tango songs, great sounding at major concert halls and, best of dance music orchestras “Golden Age of Tango”, under which it is convenient and comfortable to dance in the milongas.



Alejandro Jaime


ALEJANDRO JAIME is a trained classical musician, composer, dancer, teacher and dj from Buenos Aires, Argentina specialized in composition in contemporary music, improvisation, and classical guitar. He studied in the most important conservatories of his country, including the Superior Conservatoire of Music Manuel de Falla and the National Arts University as well as he won several scholar ships. Alejandro also performs in numerous international and national festivals and has taught music theory and guitar for over twelve years. He has a deep understanding of body awareness and movement thanks to his large experience in biomechanical techniques such as the Fedora Aberastury Method and the Alexander Technique and his knowledge of martial arts. He studied Argentinian native dances and folklore since he was five years old. He has ample experience working with contemporary dancers and has coached Tango World Championship finalists from different countries, with very successful results. He has nearly 20 years of experience teaching groups and his Seminars and Workshops are known in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Russia.‚Äč As a Tango Dj he plays in many of the most important events in the European tango scene, he prefers to combine both rhythmic and melodic orchestras taking care of the singers especially during the Golden age. Now he is established in Helsinki, Finland and he travels abroad every month.

Shinji Ii

Shinji has lived in Argentina for 5 years since 2009 and spent most of his time for Tango Guitar, Composition, Percussion and more. Later, he became a professional dancer. Currently, he is based in Tokyo as a dancer and teacher at Tango Sol, Nipponbashi. His unique workshops combined with music build global reputation, which are held in Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and many places. His selections with essence as a musician and dancer, his fans are all around the world. October 2013 DJ in La milonga "Divertango" in Buenos Aires. Since January 2015, in House DJ of "El Arrabal" Osaka April 2015, in "Milonga Arte" y "El Arrabal" in Roma, Italy. Since June 2015 in House DJ of "Tango Sol Nihonbashi”, January 2016 New Yeah Tango Festival in Taipei. September 2016 Ibiza Tango Festival in Espana.

Odysseus Dada

Odysseus Dada is active in a variety of fields, such as poetry, novels, films, broadcasts, He is currently the most famous film critic in Korea and is a broadcast facilitator. May supervise and direct a feature film called RED TANGO.  He is the Organizer of the KOREA INTERNATIONAL TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP and SEOUL TANGO CAMP. He is also organizer of the MILONGA del CORAZON is the largest milonga in Seoul. He is director of the Argentine Tango Association of Korea. It is the Art Tango Center, founded in 2006, to represent. Hard to the disciples, he has been teaching tango. He also is a professor teaching at the University of image creation.


Agoez De Zell

Indonesian Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop Instructur and Choreographer, Tango DJ and Tango Dancer as well. He is a respectable tango DJ in Indonesia and run a regular Milonga in Jakarta. It’s been a Tango in Paradise House DJ since 2012.

Irma Lesmana

Irma Lesmana start becoming a DJ since November 2017. She hosts a regular Thursday Milonga at Tangolicious Jakarta.



Maicol Mira y Irma Lesmana (Indonesia)

Maicol Mira is originally from Colombia he study dance in General as Major in University in Bogota, where he found out Tango. He moved to Argentine in 2009 to pursue his career as a Tango Dancer and performance in many Cafe and restaurant such as Cafe Tortoni, on 2012 he moved to Tokyo, Japan and work in Dance studio as a teacher and profesional Dancer. Since 2017 he been live in Jakarta, Indonesia and maintain his passion for Dance and Teaching Tango regularly around Jakarta, Tokyo and Singapore.
Achievement :

  • The Champion of stage at Korea International Tango Champion 2015
  • The Champion of salón at Asia Championship in Tokyo 2015
  • The Champion of Stage at Asian Championship in Tokyo 2016
  • Finalist of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires 2015

Irma Lesmana joined tango in 2010. At the end of 2017 she started to dance with Maicol (atau at the end o 2017 they started dancing together). At 2018 after dancing together for 7 months they won 2nd place for Escenario Tango in both Korean & Japan Tango Championship.

Jake y Milena Utomo (Indonesia)

Jake is tango teacher and dancer resides in Bangkok, but now temporary lives in jakarta to teach tango. He has been partner and teacher for Milena for 5 years. They also learned from great maestros from Argentina as well as asian  to improves theirs dance. They performed in some Tango festival in Asia. They are a Champion Of tango Pista in in house Tango in Paradise’17 competition.

Ferrol Matthew y Amelia Rambe (Indonesia)

Amelia Rambe and Ferrol Matthew are a new couple from Jakarta and are founders of Java Tango. Amelia & Matthew have been dancing together since May 2013, and are well known for their elegant, energetic and passionate dance. They Bring Indonesia in top 5 in World Tango Championship 2015 ( Mundial Tango Pista ) , Runner Up for Metropolitan 2015 Category MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO in Buenos Aires. They were also Runner up for the Asian Championship 2015 in Japan. They have performed in prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires such us as La Baldosa, Malena Sunderland Milonga, Salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal and Milonga "25" in Villa Urquiza. They have teach in NEW ZEALAND Tango Festival, Singapore, Vladibostok, Shanghai,Tango Fiesta Bangkok and performing festivals in Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Porto, Rusia and Bali.

Jorence Altoveros y Jelica Yap (Phillipine)

Jorence Altoveros is from Phillipine have been teaching Tango. Latin and many other social dance for about 13 years. His Love for Tango begin about 5 years ago and be train by many world top Argentine tango teachers. He have be invested to preform around Asia. Jelica Yap from Malaysia. First love of my dance is Argentine tango be dancing for almost 5 years. Jorence Altoveros and Jelica Yap has been dancing together for about 5 years. Jorence is Jelica's teacher.

HsinDa Lee y Anna Chin (Taipei)

Anna Chin is a tango dancer, teacher, and organizer of Argentine Tango. She grew up doing figure skating and Taekwondo, then started dancing Jazz and Ballroom when she was 18 years old. In 2009, she started dancing Argentine Tango and fell in love with it. In 2010, she started organizing Taipei Tango Festival with Daniel Liu. In 2017, she won the champion of Milonga category, got the second place of Tango Salon category, as well as the second place of Tango Vals category in Tango World Cup 2017-China trials. In 2018, she attended Hong Kong Tango Championship, winning the Single Category-The Best Milonguera prize, as well as placing second in the Tango Stage Category. The same year she attended China Tango Championship, winning the Single Category- Best Milonguera prize again, placing second in Tango Salon Category, as well as placing third in Stage Category. She has been invited to teach and perform in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, and Indonesia. She was also invited to perform in the famous milonga "La Baldosa" in Buenos Aires.

HsinDa Lee started dancing Ballroom dance in collage and has 9 years of experience in teaching and joining Ballroom competitions. He started dancing Argentine Tango in 2012 and immediately fell for it. He decided to pursue his career as a Tango dancer and teacher in 2016, and went on a two-year learning journey to Korea and Argentina. He came back to Taiwan in 2018 and started his tango career in Taiwan. Anna and HsinDa together joined "2018 Seoul Metropolitan Tango Championship", winning the Tango Stage Category, as well as Single Category of Leaders, placing second in Milonga as well as Single Category of Fallowers, placing third in Tango de Pista as well as Vals.



David Alejandro Palo

David Alejandro Palo’s performance credits include being Principal Dancer of Tramatango, Sebastian Tango, Inspiration Tango, and as part of the leading cast of Tanguera, The Musical, and Pasión Tango. He has also performed in Oster Tango in Basel and Tandem 2011 in Paris, and participated in the tribute show Tango Argentino for Claudio Segovia in the National Congress.
David’s dance partnership with Milena Plebs has seen a range of work from performance to teaching. They choreographed and performed in La Voz de Tus Zapatos, a show based on the story by Alberto Ruiz Sánchez and directed by Alejandro Cervera. Their recent Tango festival tours include White Nights Tango Festival (St Petersburg), World Tango Festival (Colli del Tronto), as well as teaching and performing in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Geneva.



Tango Lovers Jakarta

Tango Lovers Jakarta is a non-profit organization, which aims to promote tango to the community in Indonesia. It organize by some ladies who dedicated their passion for tango, the mission of the organization is to grow a healthy tango by organizing workshops and other activities, such as “practicas” (to practice), “milongas” (to dance), and also special events by inviting maestros from abroad such as Argentina, Europe, and other country of the world. Ratih Soe Kosasie is a lady who really in loves to dance tango, with her passion in tango she established Tango Lovers Jakarta in December 2008, and work together with some friends to make the community bigger. Within of its formation, Tango Lovers Jakarta has indeed set a new trend to create a new environment for social dancing. The tango fever is now raging on, in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Come and share their passion for it takes more to tango.

Tango Lovers Jakarta, Jl. Kemang Selatan V, No. 3, Jakarta 12730.
Gita Ramawati : +62 21 7179 2629