Iskandar Zulkarnain and Alyzsa Lim are poles apart in their lives. She is an accomplished Ballet dancer. He is a rising stage actor. She strives for perfection and purity of the art. He loves to perform and go crazy. Somehow, they found a common ground in the art of Argentine Tango. Together they formed a sensuous partnership which earned them kudos in the South East Asian Tango championship 2011, where they came in second only to the president of the Philippine Tango club, Juan Borja. They also have had a string of performances for clients such as the Argentine Embassy KL, International Women’s Association, Make-a-Wish foundation (where Alyzsa also starred in a lead role in a dance theater production sponsored by them) and the Royal Lake club KL. With another partner (who had little Tango experience), she also swept the Asian Tango Championship twice more in 2012, making her an undefeated champion in 2012. Meanwhile, Iskandar made waves in the Kuala Lumpur English Theater scene. In 2013 they became the first Malaysians to compete in the Asian Tango Championship in Tokyo. In 2014, They finished third in the Manila Tango Championship, while also representing Malaysia in Tokyo again. They are also performing in Iskandar’s debut Tango dance drama, “Prisonero” as part of the Short and Sweet Festival in October 14-18 Their Stage-style of Tango has wowed their audiences, whilst pulling them in with the romance and passion of Argentine Tango.