Los SueƱos Tango (Our Dreams in English) Singapore, is founded by Gennysam Alcantara & Lily Tan. Fondly known as Gen & Lily in the Tango community, we started our Tango in Buenos Aires in 2008 and have been returning yearly for training and dance. Tango has taken us around the world, giving us countless of opportunities learning from world famous teachers since then too. We have also gained our experience and staying relevant by competing in various competitions ranging from Asia to World Tango Championships. Such opportunities have won us several titles, such as the Asia Tango Champion in 2018, Malaysia Tango Championship 2019 in Tango & Vals, Champion in Milonga in Korea 2019, just to name a few. The only representatives from Singapore since 2012, we have been the finalists in the World Tango Championship several times. Besides teaching in our studio, we also teach and perform overseas.