During this pandemic where we are force to stay home and deprived of our love of dancing tango, we try to embrace the new normal and be able to dance tango. Due to circumstances beyond entire our control, with utmost regret we are not able to host Tango in Paradise’20 in Bali – Indonesia this year.


However, we have decided to mark the 9th of the unique Tango festival in the tango world by compiling the virtual performances by the tango dancers who were going to be invited in Tango in Paradise’20.


In addition, Tango in Paradise aims to raise funds for some of the orphanage in Bali, I hope this project can contribute in any way to make their lives better, as their smiles do bring a light to this world. Therefor any contribution /donation you give is highly appreciated and would be distributed to then directly.


On the basis of this mixed culture, as the trademark of Tango in Paradise, we wouldn't we able to present all the programs. But a traditional dance from Balinese Children will open the show and follows by the tango dancers and the teachers. We all know it is a difficult task for us, but nevertheless we would like to give the Tango in Paradise’20 a chance. It will be 2 couples of Tango master: Gaspar Godoy y Carla Mazollini and Facundo Pinero y Vanesa Villaba. A few guest dancers Andrian Lopez y Jen Lopez (Philippines), Gennysam Alcantara y Lily Tan (Singapore), Iskandar Zulkarnain y Alyzsa Lim (Malaysia), Anthony Miller y Jacqueline Simpson (Australia – Chile), Rodrigo Rodrigues y Natsuko Mae (Japan), Jorence Altoveros y Jelica Yap (Philippines – Malaysia), Ferrol Matthew y Amelia Rambe (Indonesia), Mario Sergio y Lucy Marlisa Komala (Brazil – Indonesia) and Lloyd bediones y Suzy Lucon (Philippines – Indonesia). We are pretty sure they will produce dance pieces for all of us.


We take tango as a way of life, we dance with all our heart, we share our passion mind and soul and embracing the music together. Nothing can deprive us in doing it. So if we survived from the volcano in 2017, we have to be able to fight the difficult and unpredictable situation, put ourselves together and get ready to embrace the new tango era wisely and respectably.


Through tango we makes friends, we make peace and bring joy.

Lets be together hands in hands, supporting each other, we will make this world a better place for all of us.

If you can’t go to Tango in Paradise’20, we will bring Tango in Paradise’20 to you.